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I had my meal at Pizza Hut just now and honestly it wasn’t exactly pleasant. The service was so bad I can really cough out everything that I had. No one attended me to my seat and since I was in a rush, I went in myself and told them I will sit here. The lady at the reception, lets call her A, passed ne the menu but like I said before, I was in a rush, I already knew what I wanted. I told her, but she said there will be another lady to take my order. Can’t you just take my order? There wasn’t anyone in the queue anyway. I have to wait again for the grumpy lady, lets call her B, to take my order. She told me its gonna be 15 mins, okay fine. 15 mins passed, nothing was on my table. I kindly asked A isnt there supposed to be a drink and soup accompanied with the set. She said yes. 5 mins later, lady C came with my soup with no drinks. Nvm, I told myself to enjoy my soup first. I thought maybe later… 10mins later, my curry baked rice came and I reminded C about my drink. She said okay. I finished half of my fav curry baked rice and still, where the fuck is my drink?!?! I was really at my peak. I told B, almost begging her to bring my drink. It was so bad.

I was finishing my food, I saw this young boy trying to pay but was asked by B to check his table number. What?! You made hkm walk all the way to the table just to tell you that? I’m sure you can find out right? The restaurant wasn’t that big in the first place! I told myself never come to this place ever again.

I was behind the boy, ready to make payment and get out. I was determined not to thank her. Then… Something changed my mind. The boy accidentally over ordered and he didn’t have enough money to pay. I think he was short of $3. He was hysterical, he almost shouted he cannot pay because he couldn’t.

I almost stepped in to offer and I saw B, the grumpy lady who never seems to smile, told him not to worry because she will pay for him. Wow. I was speechless. Even it wasn’t a lot of money, she doesn’t know him, they are strangers.

I changed my mind. Maybe they were really having a busy day. Maybe they had a bad day. Today I learned not to judge too quickly, people make mistakes and we are no saint. They might not eveb know their bad behaviour offended me. They were just trying to make a living, just like anyone of us.

I thanked her, it was a good meal afterall