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Don’t you hate it when you got your hopes high and then suddenly… You are unsure again. :(

Kept telling myself not to think too much, just try your best. There’s always a saying that you can always get what you desire the most. Like The Secret. I haven’t read the book but have seen online about how it changed people lives. Basically, people believe that positive thinking can get them anything. So often when we want something badly, we wish this is true but… In reality, is it?

Many times in my life, there were so many things I wanted:

1. Please don’t let that bag out of stock before my payday!
The shopping cart made me believe that it was still in stock and i took it for granted and never got it even after my pay was in.

2. Please let me pass my exam!
I only studied a few days before and I overslept on the big day. Yet, I passed even though it was a C6 but I was genuinely happy that I did not fail.

3. Please let me have the job, I want it so badly!!
I made long distance calls when I was away because I want a confirmation from the company.

4. Please don’t let anything bad happen to xxx!!
Nothing ever happens. I always worried for nothing.

So… Base on the above, >80% of the time, I get what I wished for. But you can also put it as whatever the outcome was, I always manage to justify why it happened that way.

When something bad happens, I will think to myself: Oh yeah, just now my left lid twitched. This is the bad thing that was gonna happen!

From now on, I am gonna be responsible for my own life. I want to take charge of my own life. I will fight for anything I want.